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The three homos that get together every week to make you laugh, scream, squeal and cry are Joshua, Ollie and Phil. They're probably more commonly known as the mostly naked @BarelyJoshua, the infamous social media darling @MrsPhilPerry and the I'm just gonna wing it and see what happens @ThatsOllie. If for some reason you don't follow them already and you want to (obviously) then check them out below.



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I'm not an alcoholic but if you're buying, I'm drinking. 🍾



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I don't get cute I get drop dead gorgeous 💅🏻



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I am essentially a stan account for my dog 🐕

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What People Say

I love your podcast, you guys are hilarious. I just love how great you sound together.

You three are so attractive and handsome. I think I love you all. Marry me.

Is Mrs Phil Perry actually a real drag queen or does he just sound like one?

These testimonials are 100% real and not fabricated in anyway by ourselves. Okay, maybe there are some inaccurate details.